An iPhone without a USB port, Apple’s trap against Europe

Yesterday, Tuesday, October 4, 2022, a new law was voted in the European Parliament that will force Apple and all manufacturers of technological products to establish USB-C as a standard port in all their devices. However, Apple may have other plans for the iPhone, and they may not go through this charging port. Keep reading that we tell you.

What has the European Union approved?

As we said, yesterday the European Parliament voted on the mandatory for manufacturers to include USB-C as the main port for all technological devices from 2024. In this way, by the end of the mentioned year, all smartphones, tablets and cameras sold in the European Union will have to be equipped with a USB-C charging port, something that will be will roll out in spring 2026 to laptops.

This new law has been approved with many votes in favor, in fact, there have been 602, while 13 have voted against and there have been 8 abstentions. This will affect Apple the most, since most manufacturers today already use USB-C as the main port to charge their devices. Nevertheless, perhaps Apple’s plans are others and even, they can avoid the arrival of this standard to the iPhone.

Apple’s plans

There are many years in which rumors about an iPhone with USB-C have been around the Cupertino company. Meanwhile, this standard has reached Mac and iPad, with the iPhone and AirPods being the only devices from the Cupertino company that remain to adopt it. Well, everything seems to indicate that Apple will have to jump through hoops, as is commonly said, and abide by the law that was approved yesterday Tuesday in the European Parliament, or not?.

iPhone 14 ProMax

In the same way that the rumors about an iPhone with USB-C have sounded very strong in recent years, in parallel there has also been a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple making the leap to providing users with a completely wireless iPhonethat is, that it does not have any charging or data port.

Obviously, Apple’s plans with the iPhone do not include a USB-C port, since if this were so, those from Cupertino would have been implementing it for a long time in the same way that they have done it with Macs and iPads. Therefore, it is possible that before this new law, in Cupertino accelerate the development of a hypothetical wireless iPhone so as not to be forced to launch an iPhone with USB-C and, shortly after, launch the definitive iPhone without cables. However, if this movement by Apple becomes a reality or not, only time will tell, so we will have to be very aware of all the rumors and information that are becoming known regarding this issue.

iPhone and AirPods Pro

However, what is clear is that AirPods will have to make the leap to USB-CUnless Apple also wants their box to always charge wirelessly, something that is not so far-fetched either, seeing the movements that the company has made with the second-generation AirPods Pro, which can now also be charged with the Apple Watch charger.