An iPod touch in 2023? It’s a good idea

Do you remember the iPod Touch? This was the touch version of the company’s “flagship,” the iPod. Also, until recently, it was still on sale in the Apple Store. And even though it’s already discontinued, an iPod Touch in 2023 is a good idea. So if you are curious to know why, in this post we will tell you.

The iPod Touch is a very good video game console.

Although the seventh generation of the iPod Touch (the last one they released) is compatible with Apple Arcade, and this increases the quality of the titles we can play, the App Store has a huge catalog of games. And yes, the iPod Touch has a combination of elements that make it a very good console:

  • Its screen is 4 inches (from the 5th generation) and although today it seems tiny, its quality is spectacular. Just give it a try and you’ll see how it doesn’t seem like you’re playing on such a small screen.
  • It’s a device very light. This makes it even more portable and ideal to take to many places where you can play a quick game.
  • Its sound is spectacular. Not on the device’s speakers, but through headphones. So if you also like to enjoy audio quality, it’s one of the best consoles you’re going to listen to.

But not only Arcade lives the iPod. The app store has plenty of titles to play. Although, it is true that the iPod Touch does not have a data connection, but it does have a large number of games that you can play without the Internet.

It has a headphone jack and amazing sound.

We are talking about a device that was originally intended for music. And yes, it has a headphone jack. A very positive point for who we want enjoy music without adapters involved. In addition, the audio quality of iPods is very good, so it can be our specific device for listening to music, either for every day, or as a complement.

But not a music device as we have conceived in the iPhone. But rather, our secondary equipment, to which we want to go when we want to listen to music and not have to keep an eye on calls or notifications. In addition to being compatible with Streaming platforms, it can be used to save all the songs we want in its internal memory, in order to not have to be tied to any subscription. It is, therefore, not only a device for listening to music. But also, to be able to store all our music and make it always available. Older models, such as the 4th generation, do not support Apple Music. But they can store large amounts of music.

The price of second-hand iPod Touch

One of the differential factors of the iPod Touch is its price. We are not talking about buying old sealed models (those are really expensive). But of the models that go from the fourth to the sixth generation. They are really common to find second hand and their price is not very high.

We got a very good device, but keep in mind that it is no longer an “all-rounder” as it was in the past. But if you are looking for simplicity, very good sound quality, being able to have your digital music library at hand, or a very portable video game console, then yes. The iPod Touch in 2023 is a good idea.