And despite everything, we continue to admire Apple as if there were no tomorrow

These days the news has broken about how Apple has managed to perpetuate another of its records: that of being the most admired company of all, and for the 17th consecutive year. All the achievements, advances and money that Cupertino Californians have reaped are well deserved. But this past year, 2023, has been a year of controversy, with judicial decisions involved, and they have been forced to break monopolistic practices around the globe. And despite everything, we continue to admire Apple as if there were no tomorrow.

Fortune magazine has been the one who has put the icing on top of the succulent apple pie, baked in Cupertino. Seventeen are the years that Apple has taken the glory of being the most admired company on the planet. Microsoft, this year, has taken second place. Amazon does its thing, taking the bronze.

As a user and professional, I have mixed feelings about this award. Of how, After everything that has happened, Apple has emerged undefeated and comes out glorified with mantles from Manila.

To Caesar what is Caesar's

There is no denying all that is good about Apple. Its products on a physical level, the operating system so well integrated into a joint ecosystem. Accessibility tools that allow all types of people to approach technology, regardless of the type of functional diversity they have. Watches that save lives by warning of heart attacks or rescuing people in remote places.

So, a long etcetera. There is also the part of the services, more strongly established in the United States, with all the financial part that makes life easier for those who use them. All this is great. ButReally, knowing what has happened, is she still worthy of admiration?

A jug of cold water

Far from launching universal truths, I propose these lines as a reflection. And even more, I propose them based on what my ethical criteria tell me.

If we focus on the App Store, the abusive commissions, the control they exercise over developers, everything that has happened with alternative payment platforms, the sanctions they collect from different countries for monopolistic practices… Without developers, there is no App Store. And without the App Store, the iPhone is a very nice product. But aseptic. Are you seriously not going to take this into account?

And the Apple Watch. What can we say about the Apple Watch that we don't already know? A judge had to stop sales! The almighty Apple has been caught with the ice cream cart, systematically and consciously infringing patents. And they already knew it, since they had an update that covered the blood O2 meter since October 2023.

It is not going back on things, nor creating hatred in an unfounded way. What's more, I almost take this article as a lament on the part of a user who has been woken up from a beautiful dream, in the middle of the morning, with a jug of cold water. A company that I myself admired in its day, and that after having seen what has happened (and what may be yet to come and we still don't even know), I am the first to think: Really?

At the time I would have been happy. Very much. But after seeing what they have done, I sincerely wonder where is all that aura of magic and light and color that they promised us. Admiration? For my part, not like before.