Another new delay in the future of Apple

The news about Apple’s virtual and augmented reality glasses have been news for years and the cover of the main technological media, as one of the most groundbreaking products that the Californian company will launch. However, the latest news and rumors indicate that one of the star products of the era, Tim Cook, It looks like it’s going to be late again.

Features RealityOS, Apple Glass and Reality Pro

RealityOS is the operating system that Apple is working on, being a different system from the rest of the known systems because it will be the first to have elements of the virtual and real world. This Operating System is born from iOS, which is a system that is highly developed, mature and with practically complete integration with the hardware, which can be the springboard for developers to start working on RealityOS in both augmented and mixed reality.

The hardware will be developed exclusively for the Apple Glass, a piece of equipment that Apple has been working on for years and that is designed for the business sector, focused on meetings and teleworking. Among some features that it includes, are microphones, cameras and OLED screens.

The launch of these first glasses, as published by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, has been delayed for the Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place in Cupertino in June 2023. The reason is that the engineers have found small problems in the synchronization of software and hardware, which has caused Apple to delay the release of the product, which they have been working on since 2015.

Apple is being very talkative when presenting its products, but that does not mean that it does not continue working on the development of these virtual reality glasses and helmets, and despite the fact that there are no new developments, it works in silence accumulating patents the United States Patent Office.

Second phase, virtual reality glasses

In a second phase, Apple is working on headphones virtual reality, called Reality Pro, which requires much more powerful processors -it is rumored that it may be the second generation Apple Silicon, M2– which will start from Apple’s Apple Silicon series and with better features than Apple Glass, with potential features that they include two 4K micro-OLED displays, 15 optical modules, two main processors, Wi-Fi connectivity, eye tracking, object tracking, and hand gesture controls.


Apple does not want to enter a emerging market in a hurry to avoid the problems that Facebook -meta- or other companies are having. The Californian company does not want to repeat the problems that Meta has had with Meta Quest 2 or Google Glass, and that is why it wants to avoid another sales and financial disaster with a product that, without a doubt, will be very expensive, in fact it will be much more expensive than what is presented by both companies, but with very high quality features, a processor and software that will delight most users.

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