Antivirus for Mac, do you really need it?

Macs have several security systems

Sometimes we have seen promotions on social networks or even content creators that present antivirus for macOS. However, there are many reasons why It is not necessary to make this type of purchase, because the security and control that Apple has over its operating system makes it very difficult to introduce Maldware to a computer. Next, we review the most outstanding.

  • Xprotect: All current Apple computers come with this automatic scanner tool, which analyzes all files before opening them to detect a potential attack and block those from a developer not approved by Apple. When you try to open a certain File, Apple’s security system jumps in to detect some malicious software and can even determine the type of software it is. In this case, the user must delete the file immediately.
  • Gatekeeper: mechanism that jumps when you download a file from an unknown developer. To authorize only the use of software developed and/or identified by Apple, you can change your preferences in the Security & Privacy panel.
  • sand box: there are applications that, even with the authorization of Apple, carry out functions that do not correspond to them. Therefore, those from Cupertino do not access the information on the Mac to avoid harmful use.
  • Safari: browsing Safari is more than just a recommendation to prevent malware from entering due to background entry of fraudulent files. Safari incorporates anti-phishing technology that, in addition to preventing access to certain harmful files, notifies you through an alert.

Where can a virus enter?

Antiviruses can be introduced mainly through two main areas: on the one hand, through applications and, on the other hand, through Wi-Fi networks or Internet web pages.

via software

Any application downloaded from the App Store or a official developer, for example the official website of Blender or Affinity, are platforms attached to the App Store. However, you will not have any problem downloading and running since they are from developers that meet all the quality criteria.

The problem is if you download unofficial and illegal applicationsl, it is possible that these do include some malware. These types of applications are distrusted by Apple, and sometimes you have to perform internal processes such as opening “Terminal” to install the application. In this kind of circumstance, it is possible that they contain malware and no antivirus will be able to save you because you introduce it yourself indirectly.

Through internet networks

When we browse Safari or your default browsing network, it is possible that certain files access your Operating System when we accept uncontrolled cookies. However, to avoid this type of situation, it is advisable to use secure pages or use a VPN.

Is it recommended to have an antivirus installed on Mac?

The answer is No, because Apple has more than enough resources to prevent the entry of malware on Mac, where it is not necessary to use specific software for it.
The most important thing when we are going to download a file is to have common sense, and see if at any time the application contains some type of strange file, it is best to send the software to the trash and look for information about it.