App Store Could See A Raise In Price From The Next Month

On Monday, Apple declared that it would be raising the prices of the App Store in quite a few countries- which includes South Korea, Japan, and a few countries in Europe.

The increase in price will be taking effect on both the in-app purchases as well as the apps on the official store from October. Other regions which would get affected by this move are Egypt, China, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Korea, Poland, Vietnam, Sweden, and every single country that uses the Euro as its official currency. This includes Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, and Spain. This was described in a note that was further sent to the developers- with the notice of a price increase in October. 

App Store Prices To See An Increase on The 5th of October

Nevertheless, there have been very few details provided as to why the parent company wants to increase the price of App Stores in these countries. One reason behind this could be the exchange rate of the local currencies falling quite sharply against the US Dollar. For example, the Euro has already reached a position of parity with the USD- which is quite unique and has never been done before over the last 2 decades. It is also a fact that the price of Apple phones and other products has turned up to be a little more expensive in the European mainland as opposed to its prices a few years back. 

For those Apple customers who live in the eurozone, the in-app purchases, as well as the official App Store, will now have pricing of 1.19 Euros. This implies that anything that previously cost around 9.99 Euros will not have a price of 11.99 Euros attached to it. Apple has again reminded its many developers that the new prices will come into effect on the 5th of October, 2022.