Apple App Store Success Eclipsed By Third-Party Apps

According to a survey, third-party applications on the Apple App Store were a huge hit, reaching worldwide audiences and generating strong interaction across a variety of categories, including mapping and music streaming.

According to a new analysis on the spread of third-party applications on the App Store published by economists at Analysis Group, an economics consulting organization, third-party apps did remarkably well and achieved “wide global and regional success.”

App Store Unable To Match Third-Party Apps Success

They also illustrated the range of development opportunities as well as the diverse variety of options accessible to customers throughout the world. At the moment, these third-party apps account for 99.99 percent of all iOS apps. Apple, on the other hand, offers only 60 first-party applications.

Since the App Store’s introduction more than a decade ago, the number of third-party apps has increased from 500 to 1.8 million, according to the research.

“Our quantitative assessments of interaction with apps (not just app downloads) reveal that, across various app kinds, Apple’s applications are overshadowed in popularity and account for a fairly modest fraction of usage,” Juliette Caminade, Analysis Group, said of the report’s results.

The survey adds that there are no first-party alternatives for a variety of categories, like social networking, dating services, vacation planning, and food and drink, among other factors contributing to the popularity of third-party applications. In addition, for music streaming, TV and movie streaming, reading, communication, and navigation applications, iPhone users in most areas prefer third-party apps over their first-party counterparts. Even though Apple apps are preloaded, iPhone users choose to download third-party apps to meet their specific demands. This is because iPhone users have been discovered to utilize many applications for the same task. For example, people use a variety of applications to communicate, read the news, view movies, and navigate, among other things.