App Store Now Wants To Show Customers Ads

The American electronics giant Apple intends to place advertisements on app pages and in the Today tab of the App Store. The Verge, MacRumors, 9to5Mac, and AppleInsider all claim that the two new ad places will go beyond the advertising you now see in the search bar and search results of the App Store. The Today tab’s advertisements will take the same bigger card format as the tab’s other material, but you will notice a little blue box with the word “Ad” inside it next to the name of the app. Under the “You Might Also Like” banner, which offers apps similar to the one you are viewing, advertisements will display on certain app pages.

App Store Will Present Ads In A New Tab

Even though Apple has always refrained from displaying advertisements to its consumers, you may have come across a handful in the App Store. The business now wants to give customers more locations to see adverts inside the App Store. Apple includes advertisements on the Search tab as well as the search results. Additionally, as the business has noted, you will now see advertisements in Today and on the individual app pages.

The advertisements are essentially Apple-powered app suggestions. Apple will clearly indicate with a label in blue color beneath any app placement that it is an advertisement. Apple has claimed a claim to be a privacy champion, yet even for a business estimated to be worth roughly $1 trillion, adverts play a significant role in how it conducts business. Apple will utilize various identifiers to target a wider group of iPhone users with these adverts inside the App Store rather than focusing on specific people with the ads.