App Store Will Offer Services At New Price Points

Even as the iPhone manufacturer is under fire for its app regulations globally, Apple stated on December 6 that it has changed the price structure for its App Store, giving more flexibility to app developers worldwide, including India.

This action was taken more than a year after the tech giant announced plans to do so as part of the settlement with US application developers in a class action lawsuit in August 2021. The settlement included plans to expand the price points devs can offer for memberships, in-app purchases, and paid applications, among other changes.

New App Store Prices

The company revealed that in addition to giving them new pricing tools that will make it simpler for them to set prices per App Store country or region and manage changes in foreign exchange rates among other things, it will grant developers access to 600 new price points, with an additional 100 various price points available “upon request” and bringing the total number of available price points on the App Store to 900.

Before this, the App Store in India and other emerging nations offered 94 price points for non-subscription-based apps and in-app purchases, compared to 87 price points in the majority of developed economies. On the App Store, subscription-based apps could choose from 200 different price tiers. Starting on December 6, 2022, auto-renewable subscription-offering apps will be able to use these new price modifications, and midway through 2023, all other apps and in-app purchases will be able to as well (Spring 2023).

The lowest supported price point will be $0.29, while $10,000 is now the maximum supported price point. Additionally, developers will acquire the opportunity to specify the price per shop across 175 areas and 45 currencies. Now, the price of apps and subscriptions can go up by $0.10 up to $10, $0.50 between $10 and $50, etc.