Apple after its internal AI event: Our talent is at the forefront

Earlier this month, Apple held (in person at the Steve Jobs Theater) its employee-only artificial intelligence event. Now, a Bloomberg publication offers some details about what happened (and what didn’t) at this event, while these days the AI ​​race continues to heat up with almost weekly updates from Big Tech.

As we discussed earlier this month, Apple’s AI Summit is an annual event described as the “WWDC of AI”, but it is only programmed for the employees of the company itself. This year, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the event was held in person at the Steve Jobs Theater. It was also broadcast live for employees who were unable to attend in person.

Although this is an annual event at Apple, has received more attention this year, as the likes of Google and Microsoft have announced new ways to adopt and integrate AI into their services, along with, of course, the continued evolution of ChatGPT.

In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared a brief recap of this year’s event. According to Gurman, Apple’s AI chief told his employees that “machine learning is moving faster than ever” and that Apple’s talent is “truly at the forefront.” Despite this, Gurman says Not being aware of any revolutionary announcements that it was a “game changer” by Apple and that nothing was mentioned to compete with Bing or ChatGPT.

This has not been a big surprise. It is already estimated that Apple will save any AI and machine learning announcements for WWDC in June. This AI event is geared towards employees and is likely to focus more on a broad discussion of roadmap and strategy than announcing specific features in the future. We will have to wait until the next WWDC or until the possible prior announcement of Apple Reality to find out what Cupertino has in store for us in relation to AI.