Apple AirPods Will Now Be Manufactured In India 

Apple AirPods might be the next item that Apple manufactures in India after the iPhone. It appears that the foundation has already been set. According to Bloomberg, a well-known Apple supplier has begun delivering plastic AirPod enclosures built in India to China and Vietnam, where the remainder of the device is probably manufactured. It’s not immediately obvious if this also applies to the AirPods or AirPods Pro.

According to reports, the US-based manufacturing business Jabil Inc. is sending AirPods enclosures produced at its site in Pune to China and Vietnam. At this moment, it’s merely a question of component manufacture, but it may pave the way for something more significant in the future even as Cupertino works to lessen its dependence on China as a significant manufacturing source.

Apple AirPods Will Be Made In India

Apple already produces the iPhone in India, as we previously mentioned. The list also features the most recent iPhone model, the 14th. Its main iPhone production partner is Foxconn. The decision to produce the iPhone domestically is a direct reaction to the Indian government’s production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme, which has boosted domestic manufacturing and smartphone assembly in the nation. Apple may have hurried to produce the iPhone 14 in India due to inventory concerns brought on by China’s tight COVID regulations.

There has been much talk about Apple possibly producing the iPad in India next. But if the Bloomberg article is to be believed, the Apple AirPods have beaten the iPad to the punch. The earbuds are now the second Apple product after iPhones to be produced in India, the news source claims, as the Indian division of Florida-based electronics firm Jabil has started sending plastic Apple AirPods enclosures to China and Vietnam.

The move is a part of Apple’s strategy to lessen its reliance on China for production, where manufacturing has become riskier due to frequent interruptions and US trade restrictions.