Apple AirTags Used Illegally For Tracking

Apple AirTags was one of the most innovative pieces of technology launched by Apple. These tags contained magnetic chips that have location tracking abilities in them. The organization promoted this tech as a revolutionary one. 

They said that these tags would help the common people easily find their belongings. If the tag is attached to anything, the device tracks the things and notifies the location on the connected iPhone. 

Apple launched these at a very cheaper price. Apple usually does not sell its products cheaply. However, the tags were priced at $99. You can get four of these tags for a hundred dollars. Anyone that wished to have one of these would have to pay only $29. 

As exciting, the device looks to be, it has been a constant sign of worry for Apple. Soon after the device launched, the organization started getting complaints. People are using the tags illegally to track other people. 

This has become a growing headache for Apple and a high privacy risk at the moment. Several reports have surfaced about getting tracked in an unauthorized way through Apple AirTags. 

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Apple AirTags Becomes A Privacy Intruder

With the rapidly growing world, technological advancements are also taking newer leaps. However, sometimes the technology can pose a serious problem for the common mass. 

Such is the scenario at the moment with the Apple AirTags. Sam is a resident of Brooklyn. She does not possess an apple-made tag. To her surprise, Sam’s phone displayed a message that made her very much fearful. 

While returning home from work, Sam saw that someone was tracking her location through an Apple-made tag. 

Several women like Sam have accounted for similar incidents. 

Women from all over America are complaining about such unauthorized access tracking. 

Such news has embarrassed Apple significantly. They are thinking it newer ways to fix the problems with the Apple AirTags.