Apple is alerting some users of mercenary Spyware that has been identified and could be attacking iPhones. Potential victims have received an email from Apple itself describing how the attack could remotely compromise their iPhones. Users seem to be affected worldwide and Apple is notifying it in India and 91 other countries as reported by Reuters.

It is not the first time that Apple has made this informative movement to its users. Already in 2021, Apple reported when new attacks had been discovered. It is believed that this type of attack is supported by some state since the high development cost and high complexity of the attack is not something that amateurs can do. Furthermore, these attacks generally have politicians, diplomats or journalists as their main targets.

In the latter case, it seems that The attack would have the intention of installing malicious software on users' devices with the aim of spying on their data and personal files.

However, and for what We always recommend that iOS security updates be kept up to date (which can already be separate from a mere complete iOS update), Apple continually works to fix operating system vulnerabilities and defend iPhone users against these types of attacks. On the other hand, users themselves can also protect themselves by putting the device in Isolation mode and thus protect yourself from these attacks by disabling key device functionalities for the attack to be successful.