Apple already sells Belkin support to use the iPhone as a WebCam

Some time ago, with the announcement of MacOS Ventura, Apple talked about the functionality of Camera Continuity with which we could use our iPhone as a webcam on our Macs. With the expected official release of MacOS Ventura next week, Apple has started selling Belkin’s MagSafe mount to be able to attach it to our iPhone and place it on our Mac.

Although one of the shortcomings that we have highlighted the most in recent years in the Mac range is the front camera for video calls, with this device we will have at our fingertips to attach a (much) better camera to the Mac to make video calls, record to generate content and perform any other function that requires a camera with our laptops.

Despite the fact that Apple improved their front camera in the latest revision of the MacBook, being able to use the iPhone as a webcam gives our laptops greater versatility, being able to place the camera in any other position even if it is not right in front of our face to be able to take different shots, be able to show other backgrounds or even be able to see what we want from our device in another room.

Belkin Magsafe mount

Belkin supports the functionality of Camera Continuity with a device that supports MagSafe and whose size is very small. In addition, it can be used to place the iPhone horizontally on any surface and not just as a hook for the Mac.

It is a very complete accessory that, At the moment it is only available in the American Apple Store but that will surely expand to other countries soon. Its price in this Apple Store is $29.95.

We will see if Apple continues betting (and I say betting because it also favors the development of these accessories by incorporating them into its Apple Store Online) for new MagSafe accessories that improve the possibilities we have with our iPhone. Since the launch of the Apple Wallet and MagSafe Battery, Apple has not had a different and unique MagSafe accessory to encourage its use and further this standard. Surely we still have many things to see and surprise us in the coming months.