Apple and Beats debut headphones

Apple, hand in hand with Beats, of which it is owned, yesterday launched new colors for one of its headphones, the Beats Fit Pro, which have been able to convince many users to introduce them into their day-to-day lives. and, above all, at times when they have to go out to play sports. Keep reading that in this post we tell you everything.

One of the most popular headphone brands until not long ago it was Beats, and although it is true that It is still one of the leaders in this sector, its popularity has been losing weight to the detriment of Apple itself or other brands that have passed over it, such as Sony or Bose. Even so, when it comes to small headphones, Apple has wanted to make Beats a competitor of its AirPods, because the reality is that value for money, they are surely the best on the market.

Color update for Beats Fit Pro

This movement that Apple has made with the Beats Fit Pro is something quite common, in fact it is not the first time that Cupertino has updated the color palette of one of the Beats headphone models. In this case, three new finishes have arrived, in addition to those that have already existed so far, leaving the following options for users.

  • Coral pink (new).
  • Electric yellow (new).
  • Water blue (new).
  • Black Beats.
  • White Beats.
  • charcoal purple.
  • sage grey.

Without a doubt, all users who want to get one of these headphones have a really wide range of colors from which to choose the one that suits them best. This type of movement and, above all, color policies stands out especially considering that Apple, for AirPodsexcept for AirPods Max, it does not follow the same line, being in fact one of the most repeated requests by users, since in the end, many would like to be able to wear their AirPods at least in black.

beats fit pro case

As for the Beats Fit Pro, it must be said that they are really good headphones, prepared by and for sport and, consequently, for all users who need comfortable and quality headphones for their hours of running or any other outdoor activity. They have a great sound qualitybeing compatible with the spatial audio of Apple Music and, of course, having that famous rubber band, is a clear indicator that they offer Noise Cancellation. They have IPX4 water resistance and their battery life can be extended up to 24 hours with their charging case, however, with a single charge you will have up to 6 hours of playback with noise cancellation turned on.

Of course, its price is not exactly low, since all those who want to get a unit of these Beats will have to pay the €249.95 they cost in the Apple Store. Although yes, you have to keep in mind that the new colors do not yet have a specific delivery date, so you will have to wait a few days for Apple to confirm their availability.