Apple and Microsoft team up to introduce this feature

Apple is a company that shines, among other things, for the functions it grants to all users who use an ecosystem made up of its products, in fact the synchronization between all of them is usually always magical. Well, after an alliance with Microsoft, users who have an iPhone and use a Windows computer will be able to enjoy one of those “exclusive” advantages of the Apple ecosystem. Keep reading that we tell you.

Any user who works or has worked with a ecosystem made up of Apple devices knows that the advantages it provides are really comfortable and functional, making productivity increase a lot. Functions such as Sidecar, Universal Control, iCloud, password management or the simple synchronization of AirPods with different devices means that users only have to focus on the task at hand, without taking into account other inconveniences.

One of those advantages that the Apple ecosystem has is the possibility, through iCloud, which is the storage cloud of the Cupertino company, to be able to have the photos and videos you take with any of your devices, in the rest practically instantly after having done them. In other words, you can take a photo with your iPhone and in a few minutes or even seconds, have it available on your iPad or Mac, for example. Well, just this function will be able to take advantage of many other users, even if they do not have an Apple device.

iCloud photos, now also in Windows

Apple and Microsoft have achieved something that many users were crying out for, and that is the sync iCloud photos with computers running Windows. Specifically, Microsoft has been in charge of announcing this kind of “alliance” between these two technological giants, getting those users who have a Windows 11 devicethey can enjoy the integration of iCloud Photos right into the Photos app on your system.

windows computer

Of course, those who want to enjoy this novelty will have to have some patiencesince Microsoft has announced that it will be reaching all users through an update of the Windows 11 Photos application itself, so if this is your case, quickly check if you have the possibility to update to enjoy this novelty.

Without a doubt, it is a really positive step for all those users who, due to work issues, cannot use an Apple computer but do have the rest of the devices within their ecosystem. With this compatibility, now at least they will be able to have all the photos and videos that they are taking and taking on all their devices, and thus be able to consult, view and take advantage of them whenever they need or want to do so. Now, after this movement the question that many are asking is, Will Apple continue to open the ecosystem to other manufacturers?surely this is the exception that confirms the rule, and Apple will continue with the same line of exclusivity and closed ecosystem as before.