Apple and Paramount united to offer movie content on Apple TV+

Tim Cook stated in 2019 that the Californian company was structured around three main axes: services, software and hardware. This first has been growing little by little in recent years, being an important piece of the pie of all the company’s income. However, it seems Apple wants to continue improving its results and to do so, it has found an incredible ally. Do you want to know the next steps? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Before entering fully into this post, it is important to highlight the main income that Apple has: Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Fitness, Apple News, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ In this article we are going to talk about Apple TV+.

A union between Apple TV+ and Paramount+?

Apple had always said that its platform for series, movies and documentaries wanted to be a independent platform and not become a general content platform like Netflix or HBO Max. Now, it seems that Apple’s leadership has changed its direction a bit, trying to reach agreements with different companies with the aim of improving its services and gaining market share.

According to 9To5Mac, both companies, AApple and Paramountare reaching a possible agreement to work together, offering a more competitive package than that offered by both entities separately.

At the moment, Apple TV+ has a monthly price of 9.99 euros per month and Paramount of 11.99 euros per month. The idea, if it comes to fruition, is to offer a joint subscription at a lower cost, with the aim of offering a more economical and interesting option to users.

Now, this decision cannot be taken lightly, because Apple TV+ is part of the set of Apple services that is AppleOneso you would have to think very carefully to see how to include a third-party service within a single plan.

APPLE TVWhat does this move by Apple mean? It seems that the company from the country of the stars and stripes is adapting quickly to the reality of the market and has come to the conclusion that going as a “lone wolf” has not been the best option to gain market share. market, so it has had to take big risks through the acquisition of the rights to watch the MLS or the possible interest in acquiring Formula One. Apple does not give official data on the income obtained from each of the services that it offers, but according to sources, it is among the worst along with Apple Arcade.

Apple TV+ and Paramount have already worked together

This union has not been the result of chance, but rather they have been working together for quite some time to analyze their strengths and aspects to improve.

Specifically, both corporations have reached agreements to obtain rights to films or plays that Paramount owns or has worked on. create movies and series such as Killers of the Flowee Moon or Napoleon, the latter released the last week of November and which is receiving very good reviews, although also some bad reviews due to its lack of historical rigor.

Time will tell if this solution or union between Appel TV+ and Paramount is positive or Apple will be forced to rethink its services strategy.