Apple and the metaverse, the surprise of the year

Metaverse is the word that is on everyone’s lips since the CEO of Facebook, Mac Zukenberg, announced the change of company name. Since that time, they have expressed their desire to want to expand into the world of the Metaverse. In this post we are going to analyze Apple’s situation with respect to the metatarsal and the virtual world.

Apple, slowly but with good handwriting

Apple has spent years making strong investments in Augmented and virtual reality, and the first results are already starting to come out. A clear example of this, we have it in the first with this technology on the iPhone and iPad, especially with the incorporation of the Lidar sensor.

Along with the development of this technology for multimedia consumption, Apple wants to take a leap with a virtual world more focused on education and businesswhere the interaction is not only with objects, but also with people, following their own path and how they understand the virtual world: a union between physical elements and virtual elements.

RealityOS, Apple Glass and Reality Pro

RealityOS It is the operating system that Apple is working on, being a different system from the rest of the known systems because it will be the first to have elements of the virtual world. This Operating System, born from iOSwhich is a system that is highly developed, mature and with practically complete integration with the hardware, which can be the springboard for developers to start working on RealityOS in both augmented and mixed reality.

The hardware will be the same as Apple Glass, a piece of equipment that Apple has been working on for years and that is designed for the business sector and they will have to have apps designed and one of them is an application designed for meetings and teleworking. Among some features that it includes, it is er microphones, cameras, OLED screens and microprojectors.

In a second phase, Apple is working on a virtual reality headsetscalled Reality Pro, which needs much more powerful processors that will start from the Apple Silicon series from Apple and with better features than Apple Glass, with potential features including two 4K micro-OLED displays, 15 optical modules, two main processors, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, eye tracking, object tracking, and hand gesture controls.


Will there be an Apple metaverse or not?

Apple is being very talkative when it comes to presenting its products, but that does not mean that Apple continues working on the development of these virtual reality glasses and helmets and despite the fact that it does not present any product, it works in silence and accumulates patents the United States Patent Office, where it is the clear example that Apple takes augmented and virtual reality very seriously. You also don’t want to enter an emerging market too soon and avoid the problems that Facebook or other companies are having.

Apple is also looking in these early stages for a mixed realitythat is, combining elements of the real world with elements of the virtual world, once Apple develops this project maturely, it will move to a completely virtual world through virtual reality headsets.

Leave us in the comments when you think Apple will release the Mixed Reality and RealityOS glasses.