The promotion of applications within the App Store is booming in recent months. Apple introduced ads for developers a long time ago but with the peculiarity that they only appeared when searching. However, it seems that something is moving in Cupertino because ads start popping up all over the App Store, regardless of the section or the place where we are. It is a good way to provide developers with the possibility of promoting their applications among the millions of users who enter the application store every day.

The App Store will have ads located throughout the store

Apple Search Ads makes it easy to promote your app on the App Store. And now, with the new Today tab and product page ad placements, you can drive discovery of your app at more times on the App Store, when customers first arrive, search for something specific, and browse apps to download. .

This new Apple move allows further development of Apple Search Ads. This platform allows developers to generate campaigns to advertise and promote the advertisement of their applications. Through an intuitive panel they can design their campaigns, as well as define the money to spend and have control over the statistics regarding the ads that appear in the App Store.

European Comission

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Nevertheless, Apple begins to expand ads throughout the app store. These ads will no longer be exclusive in searches to be able to also appear in the Today tab, on the product page and on the store home screen. These locations can be customized through the ad configuration from the official website where this entire system is managed.

This movement is the culmination of a movement that Apple has been preparing since July where it already announced that these changes would arrive. In fact, they ensured that the introduction of all these ads throughout the app store would maintain the privacy of users and would allow developers to grow their business.