Apple TV+ continues to grow. When it launched, it promised to be a platform that would fight equally with Netflix, HBO and the like. Time has wanted to show us that Apple, as almost always, is going in its own direction. It seems they have always wanted to emphasize quality over quantity. In fact, he wanted to convey that the service is very careful with the elections it produces and that he wants the awards to stay in California year after year. It follows its trend and still wants to stand out, that’s why it announces the arrival of new programs interesting, including the season of the acclaimed Ted Lasso.

Apple has announced through an announcement, the new programs that can be seen on Apple TV + in the next year 2023. A trailer in which you can see the content list of original television programs and movies for this service. That has always emphasized quality over quantity. You can see a good number of previews of a lot of new shows. It includes highly anticipated releases such as the dramatic miniseries “Masters of the Air”a sequel to the acclaimed war dramas, “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.” The third season of “Ted Lasso” is also included, the science fiction series that has won so many awards so far and that will surely continue to win awards because the quality of the series and its interpreter is above all doubt. We will also have the series “Wool”, billy crudup comedy “Hello Tomorrow” and the film directed by Ridley Scott “Napoleon”, among many.

The video consists of short scenes from each of the series that we will be able to see in 2023. In this way, the interest that Apple wants to generate in the user increases with scenes full of action or comedy, depending on the series or movie announced. In less than a minute the company turns what it teaches into gold. All this on his YouTube channel.