Apple approves Epic Games Store and Fortnite is coming to iOS and iPadOS

We are experiencing one of the most recent chapters of pressure from the European Union and other government entities at a global level against large companies to avoid monopolistic practices. One of these examples is the European Union's Digital Markets Act, which is profoundly changing Apple's standards and, above all, the evolution of operating systems. Epic Games has already started an antitrust campaign against Apple with its game Fortnite and Apple banned its game from the App Store. However, Fortnite will be available on iOS and iPadOS via the Epic Games Store in the European Union after it has already been approved by the Big Apple.

A little context on Epic Games vs Apple

Fortnite is one of the most popular games from Epic Games that became popular around 2020. However, Epic Games has begun criticizing Apple over its App Store policies. Above all, those rules that implied a 30% commission to Apple every time someone made a payment within the game, a fundamental element for growth within Fortnite.

That's why in August 2020, Epic Games updated Fortnite allowing players to Make purchases directly from Epic skipping the commission payment to Apple. What's more, those users who bought through their payment gateway received discounts. This angered the Cupertino-based company and banned Fortnite from the App Store for violating its rules.


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Since then, Epic Games and Apple have been involved in lawsuits and lawsuits, all of them accusing Apple of monopolistic and anti-competitive practices. In fact, much of the argument that Epic Games used at that time served the European Union to generate its own lawsuits and changes that would regulate the market in the new Digital Markets Law with which Apple had to support third-party app stores.

So while Apple and Epic Games are still in court arguing all the resolutions, Epic Games found a way back to iOS and iPadOS in the European Union by creating its own alternative app store, an option that was introduced in iOS 17.4 and will be introduced in iPadOS 18 for iPads.

Fortnite is coming to iOS in the EU

Epic Games You already have your game store ready for iOS and iPadOS. However, Apple has reportedly rejected the store this week for several reasons. One of them is that the interface, buttons and text within the Epic Games Store are similar to those available in the App Store.

iPadOS 18

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This has angered Epic Games even more, which now accuses Apple of rejecting your store in an arbitrary, obstructive manner and in violation of the European Union's LMD. And after threatening Apple with taking this rejection to the European Commission, it seems The Epic Games Store has reportedly already been approved by Apple.

So, it is very likely that we will soon see the Fortnite game on our iPhones and iPads. A game that disappeared almost 4 years ago in a move that sowed the seeds of lawsuits against Apple against the monopoly. We will see what happens because we are sure that all this does not end here.