Apple Award Looks Stunning

Undoubtedly, you may have seen or heard of all of the Apple Awards just like everyone else. You may be familiar with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac, Mac mini, and other devices. Yet, the Cupertino corporation has a hidden product that is little known to the general public. Due to the fact that Apple exclusively produces the Apple Award for its workers, it is extremely difficult to obtain.

This Apple Award was unboxed in a recently uploaded video to YouTube. Apple calls it “the 10-year award”. As the name suggests, this is an award given to Apple workers who have worked for the company for 10 years. Apple employs the same aluminum material for this device as it does for all of its other products. The Apple logo in the middle is made of stainless steel as well.

Apple Award Is Beautiful To Look At

The video originates from a YouTube account named DongleBookPro. This YouTuber is mostly recognized for revealing hidden Apple and other items. He said in the video that Apple upgraded to the 10-year award’s metal design around 2020 or 2021. Earlier, Apple constructed this award with crystal instead of metal. The crystal design was a whole glass-looking product with an Apple logo cut in the middle. In actuality, this item is not intended to be an electrical device or something like that.

The prize is presented in a basic white box with nothing else. Except Apple’s polishing cloth to help keep the award pristine at all times. In addition to the stainless-steel Apple logo in the middle, there is an etched “10” on the side to represent the employee’s ten years of service to Apple. Apple additionally engraves the employee’s name and the date the award was awarded on the side of the trophy.