Divide and conquer. That is Apple’s maxim, especially when it comes to suppliers and manufacturing of essential elements to assemble and manufacture its devices. The company’s technique is not to depend on a single supplier or a single factory that is dedicated to assembling its components from almost all corners of the world. It has expanded to India and although China continues to be a benchmark for the company, it is true that they continue to create new factories. Europe seems to be largely forgotten, but it only seems so, because the investment it is going to make in its center in Germany confirms that the old continent is important for the company.

Every time Apple launches a new device or changes prices, Europe seems to suffer the most in terms of increases and so on. It is said that it is due to the change in value of the dollar VS Euro currency. But there has always been speculation about the possibility that they are small punishments for Europe. Which has led us to think that there may be some grudge. It does not have much foundation and even if it did, that is not an obstacle for a company to know how to distinguish and see professionalism. Europe is big business and an important logistics base. That’s why, the work capacity will be doubled.

The company has announced that it will be making a major expansion of its Apple Silicon European Design Center, which will see the company create a custom-designed, cutting-edge research and development center in Germany. The cost will be around a trillion euros and It will be located in the city of Munich. In addition, it is stated that it will double its investment in the latest expansion plans.

This investment will be gradual and will last for the next six years. In addition to this, the company will design and will build a state-of-the-art research facility on Seidlstrasse. With significant lab space, cutting-edge design and a central location, the space will enable Apple’s research and development teams to further collaborate and innovate.