Slow but safe. This is Apple’s pilgrimage to stardom. Nothing more and nothing less than comes close to having one billion paying subscribers counting all the services of the company it manages. We are clear that the iPhone is the terminal that sells the most (depending on the model) and that the rest is in the queue but that they add up and a lot, but what is generating the most income for the American company, It is definitely their services.

When we talk about Apple, the iPhone almost instantly comes to mind. But for those of us who are followers of the brand and its devices, we know that it does not stop there. We know that Apple has promoted and invested a lot of time and money in cloud services. Not only in iCloud, which has improved significantly, making this service almost essential for cloud backups. We are also talking about services such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Fitness + and a long etcetera. These services have all the same quality: They are under subscription.

And that’s where Apple sticks out its chest and shows that it is in top form. Right now the number of paying subscribers, reaches 975 million and that means that it is on the verge of reaching the record number of one billion. That’s a lot of zeros in the income account that doesn’t profit because you have to subtract a series of expenses and others from the former to be able to get the latter. But it is not a negligible number. Of course not.

Progress is slow, but very sure, so much so that this figure reached right now This is double what was achieved two years ago. So it is to be assumed that it will reach the magical and round figure of 1000 shortly. We will be there to tell it.