Apple can’t find the iPhone key

The success that Apple has with the iPhone is beyond doubt, however, there is something related to this product that the Cupertino company is choking on, in fact, one only has to look at the movements it has made in recent years , and it is that it does not find the key of the basic model that always accompanies the 6.1-inch iPhone. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

First, the iPhone mini

One of the hallmarks of Apple has always been to offer users who love small teams a top-of-the-range iPhone but with reduced dimensions, and it is that if we remember, Steve Jobs has always been a staunch advocate of small, comfortable and easy-to-use one-handed smartphones.In fact, we would have to see what the Apple genius would think today when he sees the iPhone 14 Pro Max with its 6.7-inch screen size.

That is why to satisfy this very niche audience that goes against the trend of using increasingly larger equipment, with the iPhone 12 generation, those from Cupertino launched the iPhone 12mini. It was not a sales success, but it seems that at least they did meet the expectations that Apple had. Which did not happen with his successor, the iPhone 13miniwhich was a blow to what they expected in Cupertino, so much so, that they made a great reflection that ended in the elimination of this model for the next generation.

From nothing to everything, iPhone 14 Plus

As we said, after the sales failure of the iPhone 13 mini, Apple did a 180-degree turn and went from offering a small iPhone to giving users an iPhone just as big as the Pro Max model, but at a lower price. much smaller. The result is the iPhone 14 Plusa team that initially predicted great performance in terms of sales.

iphone 14 purple

However, Apple’s forecasts have failed again, and it is that the iPhone 14 Plus is not having public acceptance that from Cupertino they expected, in fact, some reports suggest that the performance at the sales level is being worse than that of the iPhone 13 mini, come on, a real disappointment.

Back to the mini or is the iPhone Plus maintained?

Surely from Apple they have already made or are making a great reflection on this iPhone model, however, It does not seem that for the next generation those of Cupertino are going to make another 180 degree turn to offer a hypothetical iPhone 15 mini again, what is clear is that Apple has to do something with this model.

back side iphone 13 mini

Now, surely the question that must be asked is whether the lack of success of the iPhone 14 Plus is caused by the very concept of the device or by the scarcity of novelties that the normal 14 range has in itself, since Apple in this generation has everything new has been put into the Pro models, so perhaps the problem with the iPhone 14 Plus is that and not so much the product concept.