We have been talking for a long time about the possible new changes in the hardware of the next iPhone 16. In fact, a large part of the rumors have circulated around the iPhone 16 Pro, which is usually the model that undergoes the most changes compared to previous generations. On this occasion, we have talked a lot about the changes that will occur the action button of the iPhone 16 Pro in addition to the possible adding a new capture button at the bottom right of the device. This seems to have changed in recent weeks because Apple is again changing the design of its iPhone 16 Pro prototypes. We'll tell you then.

Action button, capture button… what will the iPhone 16 Pro have in store for us?

Around the iPhone 16 there are two star elements that could change. First of all, the action button that appeared on the iPhone 15 Pro and could be maintained on all iPhone 16 models. However, Apple working on a capture button which could be available on the iPhone 16 Pro models to make it easier to capture images or videos. However, this information expires almost weekly as it appears that Apple is once again changing the design of the iPhone 16 Pro prototypes.

iPhone 16 capture button

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So far, Apple has tested several designs around the iPhone 16 Pro. They started with a unified volume button with a smaller action button. The next prototype kept the volume button unified with a larger action button and the addition of the capture button. And finally, what until now was the prototype that remained was separate volume buttons, with a large action button and the capture button larger and integrated flush with the frame. All these options included within a possible project to incorporate haptic technology.

Apparently, the new Proto2 (new prototype of the iPhone 16 Pro) seems to continue with the volume buttons separated with a small action button and the capture button flush with the frame. In this way, Apple says goodbye to the idea of ​​integrating the volume controls into the same haptic button and thus confirming the possible arrival of the capture button to the iPhone 16 Pro.

Action Button

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However, in addition to these changes, MacRumors claims that Apple could also have left haptic technology aside for future versions of the iPhone due to errors in the development tests of the new iPhone 16 Pro design. There is still a lot of time until September… but everything moves in Cupertino.