Many users will not have updated their devices to iOS 17 for various reasons. Others will not have been able to because their devices are no longer compatible with the latest major iOS updates. However, Apple takes care of update your old operating systems to ensure the safety of users. This is what has happened with iOS 16.7.1, an update that was released a few days ago for users who have not been able to update to iOS 17 or those who are still on iOS 16. Don’t wait to update because it includes important security fixes.

iPadOS and iOS 16.7.1 improve the security of devices with iOS 16

As we said, while Apple continues working on iOS 17.1 they also dedicate part of their time to protect users who have decided to stay on iOS 16 or that they have not been able to update to iOS 17. The updates that old operating systems receive (in the sense of not being the current operating system) are usually chained to improve device security because important bugs or security holes have been reported.

iOS 17 Beta

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Apple Launches iOS 17.1 Beta 3 along with the rest of the systems

On this occasion Apple has launched iOS 16.7.1 for all devices compatible with iOS 16. Don’t worry if you are still on iOS 16 and your devices can update to iOS 17 as The update can be installed without having to install iOS 17. Remember that to install the update you just have to go to Settings > General > Software Updates and at that moment the update will appear, which you will have to do with enough battery or connected to a power source.

Apple has already reported that the security holes fixed in this version are one related to the kernel that allowed a local hacker to be able to have more privileges having been used in previous versions of iOS 16.6 already and another related to WebRTC that allowed the execution of code arbitrarily. These security holes are fixed in iOS 16.7.1, So our recommendation is that you update your devices as soon as possible.