Apple continues to work on reverse wireless charging for the iPhone

Apple does not stop and continues to work on the reverse wireless charging function of the iPhone, which would allow you to charge other devices such as Airpords or Apple Watch. This according to an article published by the 9to5Mac site, which cites sources related to the company’s plans.

The site claims that Apple continues to create wireless shutdown firmware, which is the basis for the two-way wireless charging feature. It doesn’t go into much depth, but it makes it clear that it is apparently a key aspect in the development of reverse wireless charging.

Previously, it had been announced that the company intended to incorporate this function in the iPhone 14 Pro models. However, due to difficulties with development, it could not be finished on time. Rumors that although they are not new, since this technology was initially announced to arrive together with the launch of the iPhone 11.

Rumors even went so far as to suggest that Apple had decided to abandon this project entirely.due to the fact that the charging efficiency did not meet the established requirements.

Reverse wireless charging may arrive for the iPhone 15

What is known about the iPhone 15 Despite failing to integrate this new technology into the iPhone 14, now that they are closer to perfecting it, reverse wireless charging may arrive with the iPhone 15. The wide window of time they have left would give engineers the opportunity to optimize the details that are needed..

Apple has big plans for reverse wireless charging for the iPhone, so it wants to make sure it works optimally. Even, as we have learned from 9to5Mac, the company is working on a more advanced alternative to the current market’s reverse wireless charging.

Already Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have smartphones with reverse wireless charging, as is the case with its latest Galaxy S23 range.. Reversible charging being one of the main differences between the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But, it is well known that Apple tends to wait for a new technology to establish itself in the market, to then refine it and adapt it to its devices.

However, it is better to take this news as a rumorsince the arrival of the reverse wireless charging of the iPhone could be delayed again as in the past.