Apple could be planning the end of the iPad

Some information has recently become known that could have a lot to do with Apple’s decision to permanently remove the iPad from its product catalog, but be careful, not for this team itself, but for the Mac. If you want to know the reason why The fact that this could happen more or less soon, keep reading that we will tell you everything.

The touchscreen MacBook seems to be a reality

On December 28, 2022, at La Manzana Mordida, for celebrate April Fool’s Day we produced an article in which we commented that Apple had presented a MacBook Touchthat is, a laptop with a touch screen, and we argued that this possibility is quite remote, not only because of the development of this product, but also because of what this would imply for another of the great pieces that make up the puzzle of Apple products. as is the iPad.

Well, it seems that we were not very far from reality and perhaps that news was not as innocent as we thought, since the man himself mark gurman has reported on Apple plans to develop a touch MacBook, and be aware that its launch could be closer than we think. Gurman himself, who is an Apple analyst with a very careful reputation, has reported and stated that those from Cupertino could consider launching this new product by 2025.

This touch screen laptop would have the OLED technology and, as reported by the analyst through Bloomberg, Apple would not release a new model but rather It would be an evolution of the MacBook Pro, that is to say, that there would continue to be the same number of options, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but with the great differentiation that the MacBook Pro would have a touch screen. Aesthetically it does not seem that Apple has plans to revolutionize the design of this computer, since it would be exactly the same but with the caveat that then users will be able to interact with the screen by touch. In addition, Gurman also reports on how this could affect the operating system, and apparently those from Cupertino have no intention of giving macOS a spin, at least for now, so all they have to do is enable a tactile response. for this operating system.

iPad 10 and monitor

Obviously, this would be a major setback for the great work that the Cupertino company has been doing for so many years with the iPad, since in the end the great reason why many users end up convincing themselves to use the iPad as the main equipment is due to the fact that its screen is touch. If now, the great appeal of this device is given to its “competition”, it will cause many more users to continue betting on a computer rather than the iPad.

However, as we always comment in this type of news, they are nothing more than rumors, so you have to take them with a grain of salt, especially considering the great impact that this decision by Apple can have on the entire product catalog. There is nothing left to do but wait and remain very attentive to all the information that may arise in this regard.