We have been hearing rumors about Apple’s new AR glasses for a long time. That if they would come out at the beginning of 2022, that they will cost a lot or a little, etc. Now or new is that the augmented and/or virtual reality glasses of the American company are almost about to see the light of day and would include a big surprise. They would be shaped to be part of a metaverse as understood by Apple. It would not be Meta, because Apple already specified that it did not believe much in it, but it will have a kind of version of it. So what I think is that he doesn’t believe in it, but that he doesn’t believe in the existing version right now.

Mark Gurman, through Bloomberg, the medium specializing in digital issues and Apple, has specified that Apple could be looking for bring a 3D video service and extended reality environment similar to the metaverse to the next model of AR reality glasses. Many details are given of what this new model would look like and also taking into account the success rate of this editor, it is very sure that it will be like that in the not too distant future.

Gurman says it will be a high-end product It will cost between $2,000 and $3,000. What to change in Spain we put in the 4000 euros easily. They will be so expensive because the hardware with which they will be made will have the new M2 chip, typical of Mac computers. More than 10 cameras and the highest resolution screens in the consumer virtual reality market to date.

Right now, the company has opened a period for find the right developers to create a 3D environment that serves and functions as Apple’s own metaverse. The game is underway and we may have to choose between two parallel worlds, but very different. Like what is currently happening.