Apple could incorporate USB-C to the iPhone 15 saying goodbye to Lightning

The Lightning connector made its way to the iPhone 5 and has since been the connector used on all iPhones and iPads until the arrival of USB-C on the iPad. Apple has never taken on the challenge of bringing this universal connector to its mobile terminal. Nevertheless, the European Union and other world bodies are putting strong pressure on Apple and other companies to adapt USB-C in their devices mandatory. This could have incentivized the possible change that would come on the iPhone 15. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 15 that would see the light in the second half of 2023 could be the first iPhone with USB-C in history.

USB-C could reach the iPhone 15 after more than 10 years with Lightning

The Lightning connector came to the iPhone 15 in 2012 and since then all iPhones have carried it. This connector allowed the transfer of data and current and was created by Apple. Before Lightning we had the 30-pin Apple connector that gave way to the 6-pin of the new connector. One of the main advantages of the connector was the reversibility.

However, for some years now There is pressure from the European Union, among other organizations, to remove Lightning from Apple products. The alternative, obviously, would be the homogenization of the connectors through USB-C, already available on some iPads marketed by the big apple.

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The pulse initiated by the European Union could cause Apple to design an iPhone with USB-C leaving the rest of the world with Lightning connectivity. Nevertheless, Ming Chi Kuo, the famous analystensures that USB-C will reach the iPhone 15 in the second half of 2023.

Although it does not clarify much more, it seems that Apple could have left behind the main drawbacks for not introducing USB-C. Among those drawbacks were the charging times and the device’s water resistance certification. The integration of this new connector and the definitive goodbye to Lightning would be a turning point in the history of Apple, as was the farewell to the Home button.