Apple could introduce a new iMac soon

One of the products that has been talked about the most in recent weeks has been about the iMac and its possible, or not, update. And it is that, of all Apple computers, it is the only one, along with the Mac Studio, that has not yet received an update, continuing today with the M1 chip. Well, keep reading this post that we reveal the last hour of this product.

The situation in which the iMac finds itself is, of course, really surprising, and that is that in the end, this computer has been and is one of the most emblematic in the history of the Cupertino companyso it is even more surprising that Apple has not updated it yet, especially considering how other models, in principle, with less relevance such as the Mac mini, are having so much prominence.

Next to the iMac there is also the Mac Studio, but with a substantial difference, since the latter has only recently been on the market and, in addition, it has the M1 Ultra, a much more powerful chip than the M1 that the iMac has. . And it is that, in fact, iMac is currently the least powerful computer that a user can buy in the Apple Store together with the MacBook Air M1, although the latter does have its completely renewed version with the M2.

The new iMac is very advanced

Well, it seems that Apple has not forgotten about this iconic computer and the development of the new iMac is really advanced, and it is just good old Mark Gurman, a well-known analyst from the Apple world, who has spoken about it in his newsletter Bloomberg. In it, he states that Apple is working very hard on the new computer desktop that, if all goes as expected, will reach users to end of 2023.

Now, this means that the iMac will surely be, at the expense of what happens with Mac Studio, the only Apple computer that does not receive any update with the current M2 chip, neither the basic one nor any of its versions, something that It is really strange considering that the rest of the Mac models have had their corresponding version of M2.

yellow iMac

Having said that, The new iMac will arrive with the M3 processor, or at least that’s what is initially believed, although considering that the Mac mini has the M2 and M2 Pro, it would not be surprising if the next iMac also arrives with the M3 Pro available, since, again, it would be very strange if the Mac mini was more powerful than the iMac. As for the colors, according to Mark Gurman, Apple has no plans to renew the current range of colors of the iMac, so all the current finishes that are the following would be maintained.

  • Green.
  • Yellow.
  • Orange.
  • Red.
  • Violet.
  • Blue.
  • Silver.

Finally, something that is also very relevant is the size of the screen of this device, and it seems that everything will remain as it is right now, that is, that this future iMac will continue with the 24 inches current, saying goodbye to the possibility of increasing its size to 27 inches, something that has also been talked about a lot.