Although it may seem incredible, we have been hearing about the iPhone 17 for months when there is still more than a year and a half left to have this device among us. Before September of this year will arrive and we will be able to enjoy with our eyes the entire new range of the iPhone 16 that will arrive with great news. However, and following the trend of recent months, we have more rumors about the iPhone 17 and it seems that Apple plans to launch a new high-end model and superior to the Pro Max model that will be much thinner and will be crowned as the highest-end model on the iPhone market.

An iPhone 17 more exclusive than the Pro Max model? Could be

A few months ago we heard about Apple might not launch a Plus model on the iPhone 17. This would mean that only three models would be marketed: the standard iPhone, the iPhone 17 Pro and the Pro Max. In this way, the trend of recent years of having four models would no longer be in force. However, everything seems to make some sense since it is rumored about a possible new much more exclusive iPhone 17 and it will have features that will make it the most expensive model in the iPhone 17 range.

iPhone 15 plus

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Apple would be preparing the new iPhone 17 “Slim”

According to information published by The Information, this new iPhone 17 model It will have a very important redesign similar to the one we had with the iPhone This model It would have a screen between 6.1 and 6. inches, in addition to the A19 chip, a better front camera and an aluminum structure, in addition to modifications to the rear cameras similar to those we had, in terms of design, on the iPhone X.

It is clear that the exclusivity of this model will be in line with both the internal and external specifications of the device itself. According to published information It will be the most expensive model in the series so we would be talking about it exceeding 1,469 euros in its most basic storage model, which is the price that the iPhone 15 Pro Max has right now in its most basic model.