The rumors do not stop coming in reference to the new iPhone 15 in its Pro models that should arrive this year. What has already been a predominant rumor is that this new model may undergo some variation in exterior design, especially in terms of buttons. It is true that it has already been mentioned on occasion that they should be renewed but now what has emerged is the possibility of only having two physical buttons and haptic way.

As we know the iPhone volume buttons are two separate buttons on two pins. In such a way that the button above is used to go up and the button below is for the opposite. However, the new rumors and renders that are being seen suggest that it is more than likely that what Apple does is merge those two buttons into one. But they would not be buttons to use. If not, they would be created so that the response was tactile. In addition to having a haptic interaction to know that what we want to do is working.

But it is that the same thing happens with the start and shutdown button and with the one to silence the phone. The mute switch will also change to a single push button. It’s unclear how the new haptic buttons will work. The biggest question that arises is how Apple is going to do to be able to provide a solution in case of having to recover the iPhone in case, for example, that it does not work as it should. That is, we should be able to do a reset.

The good thing is that since they are buttons that do not have slots, the tightness of the iPhone 15 Pro will be increased. But all this will only happen in the Pro model. Because in the iPhone 15 model we will continue to have the buttons as before.