Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be the most repeated word in the presentation of iOS 18, and today Mark Gurman has revealed new data on how Apple is going to bring it to our devices: dfrom its own data centers with M2 Ultra processors.

This year will be the one when Apple finally dives headfirst into Artificial Intelligence. Yes, it arrives late if we compare it with other companies that have been offering Generative AI products for years, but that does not mean that in Cupertino they have been idly waiting for that train to arrive. Many tasks carried out on our devices have been using what Apple has until now called “Machine Learning” for some years now. But with the arrival of iOS 18 this is going to change, and it already began to be noticed in the presentation of the past iPad, when AApple stopped using the term Machine Learning to directly talk about Artificial Intelligenceand how their new processors were prepared for it.

M4 processorM4 processor

Some of these tasks, the most basic or those that require greater privacy, will be carried out locally, on the device itself, without the need to access the Internet or upload data to servers. But there will be other tasks that will require uploading data to servers for processing. And these data centers, as Mark Gurman revealed today, will be large facilities equipped with Apple computers with Apple Silicon processors, the same ones we have in our devices and which have demonstrated greater power than the competition. Initially they will be M2 Ultra processors according to Gurman, but he assures that Apple's plans include using the M4 processors in the near future. This can be very good news, because if these more advanced tasks are carried out in the cloud, it will not be necessary to have the latest Apple devices, the most powerful, for them. We will cross our fingers.