Apple dates the new MacBook Air

One of the most current rumors around Apple is the launch of a new MacBook Air, and this device is one of the most demanded by users. Well, Mark Gurman has spoken about it and has put a date on the table, which seems to be the one chosen from Cupertino to make the new, or rather, the new MacBook Air a reality. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

One of the most balanced devices that you can find in the Apple Store is, without a doubt, the MacBook Air, and it is that in relation to quality/price it is one of the best. Until not long ago, this computer was only intended for really simple use, however, with the advent of Apple’s own processors it has achieved much more prominence, thanks to the fact that Apple has given it the ability to satisfy the needs of many more users. than before.

In fact, the MacBook Air has taken such prominence that with both the M1 chip and the M2 chip, it has been the first to receive such a processor, and this is a first that is certainly no coincidence. In addition, this “routine” that the Cupertino company seems to have established gives many clues about when the new MacBook Air will be launched on the marketand yes, we speak in the plural because two will come.

The M3 chip marks the launch of the MacBook Air

As we said, the launch of the M1 chip marked the launch of the MacBook Air M1, in the same way, the current MacBook Air M2 was also conditioned by the launch of the M2 chip, and it seems that the two new MacBook Air will follow suit and will come along with the launch of the M3 chipAlthough perhaps, this time all eyes are not on the processor, but on the new MacBook Air model that is on the way.

The top screen size of this Apple laptop has always been at 13 inches, in fact, the current one is the largest in memory, with a 13.6-inch screen. Well, this is something that seems to be changing very shortly, since Those from Cupertino have a MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen size on their roadmapa launch that, if it ends up taking place, everything indicates that yes, it will be a historic milestone within the company.

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

Both MacBook Air will be accompanied, as we have mentioned, by the M3 processor, which will be presented, with total security, at the new Developers Conference that will take place in June, as it happens every year. In it, the M2 was presented in 2022, and therefore, the M3 will be presented in it, yes, along with this new 15-inch MacBook Air. However, no aesthetic changes are expected, something obvious when the current one has already meant a great leap in terms of design compared to what Apple offered before with the MacBook Air.