Apple Developing Brand New Mac Studio Computer: Transition Deadline From Intel Mac To Apple Silicon Nears

Apple is likely to unveil a new Mac Studio computer and a fresh display that runs on iOS at the Apple March 8 event. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has tweeted that a new Mac Studio could be unveiled by Apple.

YouTuber Luke Miani gave an exclusive leak that detailed what we can expect at the Peek Performance Apple Event, giving a sneak peek of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display that is expected to accompany it.

Mac Studio Apple’s First-Ever Entry To Mid-Range Desktop Market

The Mac Studio is expected to be the first-ever entry by Apple into the Mid-Range Desktop market. It is almost the exact size as the current Mac Mini, but there are several noticeable changes.

It is almost 4 inches tall and also incorporates the latest Apple design innovation, the curvature at the bottom of the device. It harkens back to the M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

The silversides are complimented by polycarbonate or a glass top piece, reminding one of the Mac Mini of 2005.

And the greatest thing expected is that it could be revealed today on March 8.

The name of the display is not certain at the moment but it could be Studio Display given the name of the device.

Apple reportedly has a couple of versions that are under development. While one will feature the M1 Max, the one used on the MacBook Pro 2021, the other chip variant will be an Apple Silicon more powerful and faster than even the present M1 Max.

The Mac Studio is internally referred to by its code name, J375.

The name Mac Studio could be changed, but it characterizes a fresh new category that is between the Mini and the Pro that targets professionals.

The Mac Studio is also expected to match the Studio Display that Apple was working on. This suggests that the company could strongly pitch both the products as the perfect combination for professionals.

The Mac Studio could give extra time for the company to concentrate on an Apple Silicon chip for the Mac Pro. There are suggestions that Apple plans to issue at least another new Mac Pro based on the Intel chip.