Apple doesn’t give up! He didn’t make it but he will

Whenever the launch of a new iPhone approaches, there are many rumors that come to light about the possible functions that will come with them. Well, in this post we are going to talk about one that has been rumored for various models, but it seems that Apple will be able to incorporate it into the iPhone 15. Keep reading that we will tell you everything.

Reverse charging will be a reality

The Cupertino company has been one of the companies that most has progressed in charge level in your devicesNot in terms of fast charging, because we already know Apple’s philosophy in this regard, but in terms of the ability to give users different ways to charge their devices. In fact, recently the news has been released that Apple has opened the possibility for other brands to also implement the MagSafe technology on their computers, that is, Apple will no longer be the only one that will have products with this way of charging them, not to mention the variety and quantity of accessories that can be used thanks to these fantastic magnets.

However, something that many companies have achieved and Apple has not is the fact of making it easier for iPhone users to the famous reverse charge, and it won’t be because Apple hasn’t tried. Reverse charging is the technology that allows the iPhone itself to be able to charge, for example, AirPods just by placing them on top of the device from the back, that is, using the iPhone’s wireless charging to charge other equipment.

when we say that Apple has been trying for a while and it has not succeeded, it is not something that is rumored, but reality has indicated that current equipment is prepared for it, it just remains for Apple to activate this function through a software update, something that obviously is not going to occur. One of Apple’s problems or virtues is that it is an extremely perfectionist company, and whenever it brings something to the market, it does so after having more than met its quality standards, something that apparently this function we are talking about did not meet, This being the reason why iPhones do not have reverse charging today.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone

Obviously it is not a function that will change the lives of users, especially since, as we said, there are other manufacturers of Android smartphones that have had it for a long time and it is not something that users highlight greatly from their equipment. However, especially for those who have a Pro Max and AirPods, the fact of being able to take advantage of that extra autonomy that this model has to charge your headphones at any given time can be a great relief and a great advantage. And it is that the reverse charge is designed for this type of case, not to charge an iPhone with another iPhone, which would also be used, but in the end you would leave a device practically without a battery. Be that as it may, it seems Apple could finally incorporate this technology into the iPhone 15although it is not something that can be expected with much probability.