Apple doesn’t make as much money as it used to

Apple yesterday announced and released the financial results corresponding to the first quarter of the year for them, which really corresponds to the fourth quarter of 2022. The reality is that despite the good results, in Cupertino they do not have to be very happy. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

benefits are reduced

Well yes, as you have been able to read in the headline, Apple no longer earns as much money as before, and it is that, as the Cupertino company has shown, if the income of Q1 of this year is compared with Q1 of the year previous Apple has reduced its income. In this he has obtained $117.2 billion, while last year it reached the figure of 123.9 billion dollars in revenue. Of all this, the net benefits are 30,500 million in this course, for the 34,600 million of the Q1 of the previous year. In other words, Apple has reduced its profits by approximately 5%.

Now, all this, as we will see below, has a clear explanation. First of all, it must be taken into account that those of Cupertino They did not hold an event in the month of November, which means that they did not launch any new products either, something that did happen the year before. However, the main aspect that has affected Apple’s Q1 results has been the lack of supply mainly in the iPhone. Due again to COVID-19, Apple has seen how it could not supply the demand of many users in a key period such as Christmas, hence the results are slightly lower than those of Q1 last year.

Therefore, although it is true, and the data does not fail, Apple has entered less than the previous year, the reality is that it is due to a situation that is completely unrelated to the company and in which little or nothing can be done. The question is, without this lack of supplies, would it have been able to surpass the results of the previous year?

What is it that gives more money?

If we focus on the financial results, we can observe certain trends that are, of course, surprising. It was expected that the sales of iphonewill drop, since as we have told you, the lack of supplies has mainly affected this product. Now him iPad surprisingly it has risen, who knows if because of the launch of the 10th generation iPad. It has not been so with Mac, which have also gone down. Below we leave you the exact data.

ProductQ1 2023Q1 2022
iphone65.775 million71.628 million
Mac7,735 million10,852 million
iPad9,396 million7,248 million
Accessories13,482 million14,701 million
Services20,766 million19,516 million

iPhone case side

Another point to note is that Apple continues to grow in the services sectionIn fact, it has managed to bill more money in this Q1 than in the previous one, and that recently raised the prices of the vast majority of services offered by the Cupertino company. Finally, it should also be mentioned that this drop has occurred in all territories practically equally, again clear evidence that what has really affected Apple and these numbers is the lack of supplies that it has suffered.