Apple doesn’t want to sell iPhone

The world of subscriptions is increasingly booming and the financial results determine it. Apple increasingly offers more subscription plans for its services, therefore, we could ask ourselves: Could Apple sell its iPhones by subscription?

When the river sounds, subscription carries

The rumors of the main technological media have been talking for several years about the possibility of converting the iPhone on a hardware subscription service annual or multi-year, that is, a system, in which the user can choose the device that interests him the most and pay a subscription for it for at least a year or two, and when the new generation device comes out, change it accordingly. completely free, maintaining the aforementioned conditions.

When would Apple release this system?

According to mark gurman In its newsletter, Apple has this service in mind, but wants to launch it when it has fully developed the structure of Apple Pay Later, that is, a system in which we can buy a product and divide it into uninteresting installments and that would be done through the Wallet app.

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The launch of this subscription plan for Apple devices was in mind for the launches of this new generation, that is, for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, although it would only be available for USA However, there has been a delay in the structuring and optimization of the implementation of the subscription technology, since Apple wants to take all that process internally and not depend on third-party companies or entities.

Does this subscription plan make sense?

This mobile device subscription plan is a subscription plan that makes sense based on the type of user you are. Many customers do not see it logical to have to make such a large outlay to buy the most top-of-the-range devices, which, each time, have a higher price. Let’s remember that the iPhone 14 Pro in its most basic version is worth more than 1,300 euros, an exorbitant price. These subscription models for iPhones allow many users to have the possibility of obtaining a High-end or medium-high iPhone at a much lower price, due to the fact that the subscription plan will make the payment of said device more bearable.

In the event that the device is in good condition at the time of return, Apple may return to launch it on the market through a cheaper subscription, since it would be a device with one year of operation, having outstanding performance and being suitable for other user group who do not want a last generation phone.


For many users who like to renew the device year after year through the second hand sale, It was a very interesting option because for very little money you could renew the iPhone every year, but Apple and technology companies in general do not get any revenue from it and they want to end this type of transaction.

Let us know in the comments how you see this new Apple hardware subscription idea.