New information that has appeared through the social network Twitter establishes that Apple would have dispensed with one of the production providers of the second generation Airpods pro. It is fundamentally due to a production problem and not a demand problem, so initially we should not fear lack of stock being in the dates in which we are, already close to the Christmas period.

The news has been released specialized Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, so we have to give it a fairly high validity because this analyst has behind him a series of successes in his predictions. The information suggests that Apple would have dispensed with one of the usual suppliers that are responsible for the assembly of the second generation Airpods pro. The problem is not a demand problem, but a production problem and the decision is temporary.

The supplier in question is Goertek and right now, therefore, only one specialist supplier left in assembling this type of devices what Luxshare is. Which has had to increase the workload to try to fill the gap left by the supplier discarded by the American company.

As we said before, it is a temporary decision, but it is not yet known when this supplier will start production and assembly of the second generation Airpods pro again. The fact is that the American company has not given more explanations of what these production problems really are and if they only affect the Airpods pro that were being assembled elsewhere.They can also affect those that had already been assembled and therefore already sold.

We’ll be alert in case there is any news on the subject. Above all, to find out if there are affected headphones that have already been sold, but in principle, it does not seem so.