Apple Employee Threatened By Upper-Level Management For Posting TikToks

An Apple employee claims that her employer, where she has worked for more than six years, has threatened to terminate her because of a popular TikTok video she made that offers simple, commonsense advice on what to do if your iPhone is stolen.

On TikTok, the employee, Paris Campbell, has about 500,000 followers and more than 17.7 million likes as of this writing. Campbell never revealed to the public that she worked for Apple prior to a video last week; instead, she frequently published stand-up comedy performances and reaction videos to amusing and eccentric content uploaded to the app.

The Apple Employee Revealed That The Higher Ups Contacted Her

Following the theft of their iPhone and subsequent messages from the perpetrators threatening to sell their personal information on the black market, Campbell responded to another user’s TikTok a week ago. With the help of Find My, the victim discovered the whereabouts of their iPhone in China.

The crooks specifically urged the victim in their mails to do so in order to get around Activation Lock by removing the stolen iPhone from their Apple ID account. It is strongly advised against doing so because doing so would make the device useful and would only benefit crooks. Only a few days after publishing that video, Campbell published a second video outlining the events.

The Apple Employee said that she received a call from her manager informing her that she had violated Apple policy by disclosing her employment status in public. However, Apple’s policy merely mandates that employees uphold Apple’s reputation and image in their online presence and does not prohibit them from openly identifying themselves as Apple employees.