A few days ago we informed you that the OpenIA company had released the long-awaited official application of ChatGPT, one of the most widely used artificial intelligence at the moment. All the big tech companies seem to have woken up from a deep sleep and have started to release all the technology developed in the last few years. for now Apple has given no indication of any artificial intelligence or its own tools but we have WWDC23 just around the corner. However, a new leaked document suggests that Apple could have limited the access of all its staff to ChatGPT in order to prevent leaks from their own AI tools.

Apple works on its own AI and limits its employees to ChatGPT

Apple’s top executives have direct contact with Tim Cook and are in charge of leading all large-scale projects, making sure that each step taken is the right one. we can’t forget about John Giannandrea, the vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy, which is in charge of AI and Deep Learning technologies such as Siri or Core ML. In his past he has already worked with Google and it is possible that Giannandrea’s role in the coming months will be greater with the push of AI nowadays.

ChatGPT comes to iOS with its new app

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ChatGPT lands on the App Store with a new official application

According to The Wall Street Journal, there are a series of documents that have been sent to Apple employees in which they prohibits the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools like GitHub’s Copilot. This measure makes sense since those of Cupertino are concerned that data from their own tools or even confidential Apple data could be leaked. In fact, other companies such as Samsung have also prohibited the use of this type of technology after detecting that ChatGPT was being used to correct and enhance the code of future company tools.

All this happens before the constant idea that Apple could be working on its own artificial intelligence tools based on high-capacity language models that would allow them to compete directly with great tools like ChatGPT, Bing or Bard.