Apple Event Confirmed On March 8 As It Sends Out Invitation

Apple has confirmed it is holding its first 2022 event on March 8, 10:   a.m. Pacific Time. While spring events are usually not as eventful as the ones in September or October, there is always some pleasant surprise in store every year.

Fans can expect a refreshed version of the iPhone SE, a new iPad Air, and the launch of an Apple Silicon Mac. With the Tagline, ‘Peek Performance,’ the March 8 event will be live online on the Apple website and YouTube. Apple has stuck to the virtual model of launch ever since the March 2020 pandemic.

It will be Apple’s first event after Oct. 2021. It had then announced the latest version of the MacBook Pro. The spring event held in 2021 presented the new iPads and iMac computers.

The March 8 Apple Event Will See The Launch Of 3 New Products

The March 8 Apple event this year could see the launch of a new low-priced iPhone 5G set, with the latest fingerprint reader. A mid-range iPad is also expected at the March 8 event. Apple at present has a low-priced iPhone, the SE range, which the company introduced in spring 2020. Retailing at $399, it is the latest iPhone model that has the latest fingerprint reader, the Apple Touch ID.

Bloomberg reported that the iPad to be launched will be the latest iPad Air version. This device received an update last in Oct. 2020 and retails at $599 at present.

Apple might come up with its latest software update for the iPhone, the updated iOS 15.4, the 4th major update. it could include several fresh features, including a facial recognition option even when wearing a mask. Other features include the capacity to receive contactless card payments even without adding extra hardware.

The Apple event this March 8 is not as important as the annual fall event where pricier and high-end profitable Apple models are launched before the holiday season.

Apple will also hold the annual developer meet this June, the WWDC, and new hardware launches are expected then.