Apple extends one of its most powerful alliances until 2027

Apple, despite its omnipotence in the market, is a company that does not work alone. The iPhone, one of its star products, is not a success that those from Cupertino have achieved by working one hundred percent autonomously. Other companies, manufacturers and suppliers are helping them in their quest. And if we talk about alliances, now the Californians have extended one of the strongest ties they currently have until 2027.

In recent years, it is known that Apple is carrying out an internalization of everything that has to do with components of its products. We have seen the clearest example with the transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips.

However, if we focus on iPhones, one of the essential components for them to work are mobile network modems. Rumors indicate that in the coming years, Californians will design this chip within their offices. However, until this happens, they have a strategic partner, Qualcomm.

Apple and Qualcomm will continue working together until 2027

For an iPhone to function as a telephone, it needs permanent access to the mobile coverage network. Technology in this sense has changed a lot in the last decade, and the most recent models already have 5G modems for coverage. This has been possible due to the chips that Qualcomm has been placing inside the phones.

According to information shared by the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac, Qualcomm and Apple will continue working together until the end of 2026. This implies, according to what is explained, “that they will continue to use Qualcomm modems in the iPhone, until at least 2027.”

It was Qualcomm's own CEO, Cristiano Amon, who was able to confirm the extension of the alliance between the two large companies. And although it is an open secret that Apple is already moving to design these mobile network modems “inside the home”, the manager admits to being “happy with his relationship with Apple”, according to what they have been able to see. make known from 9to5Mac.

A frustrating trip

We must remember the context in which we find ourselves. Apple's component internalization processes are not something new. Already in 2019, Californians bought a major division of Intel, which gave them access to more than 17,000 patents and more than 2,200 employees of the processor company. All this, to focus efforts on starting to design and produce the iPhone coverage processors themselves.

apple intel logo

However, despite the knowledge, materials and personnel of Intel that has become part of Apple, 9to5Mac rescues a Bloomberg report that was published last year 2023, which states that This movement is being “a frustrating path” for the company of the bitten apple.

Basically, despite the progress, Apple still would not have been able to match Qualcomm chips in terms of performance and energy efficiency, according to what they explain. Energy efficiency and performance are two fundamental pillars for Apple standards, proof of which is found in the latest Apple M3 and A17 Pro processors.