Apple forgets about its Macs

WWDC 2023 is getting closer every day, and therefore, the hype to find out what Apple is going to present on June 5 continues to grow among all users and, in general, within the world of technology. There are many rumors that come to light, and many products that are rumored, but what about the Mac? Keep reading that we tell you everything.

One of the most interesting moments of the year for the entire Apple world is, without a doubt, WWDC, since it really reveals everything new that users will be able to enjoy once the new operating systems arrive, usually at starting in September. however, though this Keynote is always software-centric, in recent years Apple has introduced product presentations, including the MacBook Air M2 or, for example, now almost certainly the new mixed reality glasses. In addition, historically, the WWDC has also served to introduce different Mac models, something that at the moment seems unlikely in this next one.

What will Apple present at WWDC?

Apple’s line in terms of presentation at WWDC seems to be quite clear, and that is that in the end, the large number of rumors and leaks that occur over time mean that, in the vast majority of cases, it is known with some security everything that can happen inside Apple Park on June 5th. Now, everything indicates that it will be one of those events for history, both for the quantity and for what is really going to be presented, which we leave below.

  • iOS 17.
  • iPadOS 17.
  • watchOS 9.
  • macOS 14.
  • tvOS 17.
  • Mixed reality glasses.
  • 15-inch MacBook Air.

apple glasses

As you have been able to verify, the main protagonists in this case have to be the new operating systems, although it is obvious that, on this occasion, surely all eyes will be on the mixed reality glasses, because in the end it is the product that The Cupertino company premieres and about which so much has been said.

What about Macs?

Once you know what, in theory, is going to be presented at the next WWDC, the question that many ask themselves, and we ask ourselves, is what happens with Macs? The feeling that there is from outside with two of Apple’s most iconic models is that the company seems to have forgotten about them. On the one hand, if Apple launches the M3 chip, the market will continue to have the possibility of acquiring a iMac with M1 chipone of the most emblematic and representative products of the brand, practically forgotten with the least powerful chip in the Apple catalogue, which does not mean that it is not still a true machine.

screen imac m1 2021

On the other hand, the expected Mac Pro that Tim Cook already anticipated that it would arrive, but so far nothing is known about a product that, although it is designed for a very specific audience, also arouses the curiosity of many. Undoubtedly, the situation of these two computers is peculiar and causes many questions to arise about the future of these two models that, historically, have always championed the company.