Apple forgot this with the iPhone 14

As usual when talking about the next Apple devices, specifically about the iPhone, there are always functions that are supposed to reach these new models but that ultimately come to nothing. For this reason, in this post we are going to review those functions that were rumored to come to the iPhone 14 and that have finally disappeared.

The first thing that must be made clear in this post is that all the functions that are going to be named are fostered by the rumors prior to the launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, and it is a sign that you always have to be very prudent and restrained. when assuming that Apple is going to introduce certain functions in its new devices, since on many occasions it happens that the expectations created by the leakers are too high for the plans that Apple really has with its devices.

Functions that were going to reach the iPhone 14

As usual with each iPhone model, rumors about its new functions and features begin even 1 year before its launch, in fact, on this occasion, talk of the iPhone 15 has already begun even before the iPhone was launched. 14. If it is true that many of these rumors, especially those that come out in the weeks prior to the launch, are usually very successful, however, others end up being lost, which is what has happened with the ones that we are going to mention below.

  • One of the functions that has not only been rumored for the iPhone 14, but also for the previous models is the reverse charge, that is, the possibility of using the back of the iPhone as a charging base for devices such as AirPods or even for other iPhone models. In other words, you could put the AirPods on top of the iPhone and they would charge through wireless charging. In fact, this function is known to be implemented in the devices, it only remains for Apple to activate it through its software, although it seems that those from Cupertino have ended up ruling it out.
  • One of the rumors that had sounded with great force was the base capacity increase of these iPhone 14, at least the Pro. Currently, they all come with 128 GB of storage, however, along with the rumor of the price increase for these models, there was also talk of the increase in the base capacity, offering from the outset 256GBsomething that ultimately has not happened.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Silver

  • Many of the rumors about the new iPhones always revolve around their cameras, and well, one of the ones that has not been fulfilled is the mode of 8K recording. For weeks, and even months, it was claimed that the new iPhone 14 Pro could record in 8K, something that was in line with the previous rumor of increasing storage capacity, since these files would take up a lot of space on the device.
  • Finally, something that has not ended up happening either is the much rumored improved MagSafe technologywhich was also going to be accompanied by new accessories that were capable of offering users even more options to take advantage of this peculiar functionality that the iPhone has on its back.