iCloud was born in 2011 and since then its evolution has been growing with new functions, services and storage models. It started as a discreet cloud to store small files and now with the different storage plans it has become a competitive option compared to other clouds. One of the options that appeared at the beginning was My streaming photos, a function that allowed access to the most recent photos from any Apple device in a synchronized manner. The next July 26 will close forever and Apple recommends transferring them to iCloud Photos.

On July 26, the ‘My Photo Stream’ option will disappear from iCloud

One of the difficulties that Apple has with the names is that they all look alike and, sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate the objective of each of these functions. It is the case of Photos in iCloud and My streaming photos, Two totally different but related options:

  • My streaming photos: this feature was born directly with iCloud and allowed the user to store and access recent photos (up to 1000 photos) of the last 30 days on all our devices quickly and temporarily. When a photo is taken, it’s automatically uploaded to your iCloud account and automatically downloaded to all devices that are synced with the same Apple ID and have the option turned on. these photos They didn’t take up space in iCloud and were stored with a smaller resolution
  • iCloud Photos: over time iCloud evolved and created this cloud storage service that allowed saving and synchronizing photos and videos on all devices. When this option is turned on, all photos and videos are uploaded to iCloud and stored taking up space in your storage plan.

iCloud working on Apple devices

Currently, few users continue to use My Photo Stream due to the rise of iCloud as a storage cloud and that has led Apple to close My streaming photos on July 26. This will mean that no photos will be uploaded for thirty days before the final closure. That is, the service will not load more images from June 26.

Manzana recommends switching to iCloud Photos even with the limitations that this entails. For one thing, the free 5 GB of iCloud doesn’t allow you to store as many images as the previous tool. However, the homogenization of services is necessary and Apple has decided to do without this old service. In addition, a specific website has been created to help the transition to iCloud Photos for those users who were still using My Photo Stream.