AR or augmented reality glasses may be the most talked about Apple product without being officially an Apple product. It is something similar to what happens with the electric car. We have been talking about them for at least a couple of years now and nothing at all. We don’t even have a glimpse of what they’re going to be like. We have rumors and released by renowned analysts but there is nothing about an official announcement from the company. Nor is it official what Kuo says about whether these glasses can be the device that represents a before and after for the company at least before investors.

We have been talking about Apple’s AR glasses for a long time but always from a rumor point of view. There is nothing concrete nor is it expected to be so. We will continue with the rumors until the company decides to launch the first of the devices on the market that, if expectations are met, will not be much better than what is already on the market, but certainly one of the most expensive. However, it seems that Apple may be playing with the glasses and that is why, perhaps, it is why it is taking so long to come out.

Kuo says that Apple will use the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference to introduce its glasses and that will mark an important milestone in Apple’s efforts to persuade investors that it will be able to be sold on the market. just as well as any other device. But it is very difficult because, for example, Sony has just cut production of its similar model because people do not consume it. I don’t think it’s because they’re waiting for the Apple model. Because at this rate, its release is more likely to be postponed than actually seen in June.

Now, we will continue to trust Apple and more especially when its CEO stated at the beginning of the week that “there have been many skeptics with everything the company has done, but that Apple has been successful anyway.”