Apple Glasses launch postponed for good reason

Apple Glasses have been announced for years, from small leaks to minute details. Now, rumors claim that during the WWDC to be held in June, Apple will present what we call Reality Pro for now.

It has been known for a long time that Apple is working on two devices. The Reality Pro, which is a virtual reality helmet, and the Apple Glasses. A less obtrusive augmented reality device that resembles a normal-looking pair of glasses.

Apple Glasses are expected to be a device that can overlay content on augmented reality like directions and notifications from Apple. However, its release is likely still years away, and a Xiaomi product may hold the answer.

Apple Glasses could be years away from release

Rumors claim that the reason Apple decided to indefinitely postpone the Apple Glasses project was due to technical difficulties. Well, they have not yet managed to adapt all the technology of an augmented reality helmet to the shape of traditional glasses.

In principle, the launch of Apple Glasses was scheduled for this year, when the company decided to move it to 2025 and then postponed it indefinitely. And it is that it is said that this product is currently the most ambitious project of Apple, since they consider that one day they could replace the iPhone.

Xiaomi Wireless AR glasses cause delay

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition Apple is not the only one working on augmented reality glasses. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is also in the fight and has already given a first taste of its progress.

It is a prototype that bears the name Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition, the first wireless augmented reality glasses from the Chinese giant. They feature a pair of retina-level adaptive displays that adjust to surrounding lighting, capable of outputting images up to 1200 nits of brightness. Besides, it has 3 cameras on the front that map the environment in front of the user.

As you can tell from the pictures, It is not difficult to guess why Apple still does not feel ready to launch a device of this type. First of all, they don’t look remotely like traditional sunglasses. They look like glasses straight out of an eighties science fiction movie.

Secondly, there is the detail of the battery life, which is only enough for 30 minutes. As if that were not enough, they become opaque when watching television. These details make Apple doesn’t feel ready to enter the smart glasses market yet, so don’t expect them any time soon.